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Saving Jesse Ryan

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Grady Rescue Injured Sea Turtle

It was a beautiful day in Marathon, Florida. Ann, the proprietor of Turtle Key, and Tom, her husband, were spending it as they often do, enjoying the water on their boat along Sombrero Key. As the waves rolled over, Ann suddenly noticed something in the distance. It was a turtle. But something wasn’t right.

The two of them moved in closer for a better look. Soon it became clear—this turtle was injured. There was a brutal gash in its shell. Help was needed, and fast! Quickly, Ann dove into the water, swimming to the turtle’s aid. Tom raced to the phone and called The Turtle Hospital.

With instructions to move the injured turtle onto their boat and bring it into the hospital, Tom went to tell Ann but discovered she had drifted far from the boat with the current. He carefully maneuvered, positioning the boat into position and the two of them got the little guy onboard. They fired up the engine and were off!

Arriving at the hospital dock, the team was decisive in their care. Analyzing the situation, they took the turtle into their custody and thanked the Grady’s for what they’d done. After the turtle’s health was checked, the team got together and gave it a name: Jesse Ryan—after Tom and Ann’s son Ryan and their grandson Jesse. Ann and Tom covered all costs for the turtle’s rehabilitation.

Fast-forward to five weeks later. Jesse Ryan was finally healthy and ready to be returned to the sea. The Turtle Hospital team boated out into the open waters off of the keys. Through the stunning video they captured, we can all enjoy Jesse Ryan’s triumphant homecoming for ourselves.

Rescued Turtle
Turtle Rescue
Rescued Turtle
Rescued Turtle